(February 24, 2015) Del Walmsley: On The Road To Financial Freedom

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If you’ve ever had a rough end to a business day and you feel the world has sapped you dry of your creativity and your potential, the very real truth is that it may have. But, take faith, because this is only momentary. However, if you’ll indulge us for a moment, how many business days are in a week? How many weeks are in a month and how many stress-filled, overworked, breakneck months are in a year? When you’re not getting the return from the work that you deserve, these simple questions all of a sudden have complex answers. On this podcast, Del Walmsley continues down the road to financial freedom and he’s taking all of the passengers he can get.


  1. Susan Cohrs says

    Del, I read Atlas Shrugged too. Ten years ago. I’m not very popular with some people because I say the same things you’re saying to people and they don’t like hearing this truth.

    I volunteer for Tea Party groups and believe there are more people like myself than you would believe. Take heart, it’s not over. We’re really just starting. I’m a Preferred member. Got here late but we’re in. Thanks for speaking truth. Keep it up.

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