(February 10, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: A Beatle Standing For Change No Matter What The Cost

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The Beatles shook the rock era to it’s bones, changed music forever and were a centerpiece of an international sociocultural revolution. Most, if not all songs contained in their seemingly endless hit albums still ring true in the minds, in the lives and in the hearts of an entire generation. Some can’t even detach themselves from their vinyls wherever they go. Why would you!? But, times have changed and now terms like “hit single” and “instant classic” are commonly used to measure most of today’s musical talents. But, what is beyond measure in Del Walmsley’s mind is one of the very last Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, playing backup guitar in the shadows of the Grammy’s “A-List” performers. Fortunately, however, McCartney’s symbolism and prowess on the stage will never die, but change comes fast and we’re not all rock gods. Our message on today’s podcast? Change happens quickly and it’s time you started planning for it!

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