(February 09, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Leading With Your Own Footsteps Instead of Following In Everyone Else’s

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If you take a close look at your life, you may find that there are a tad too many arbitrary hang ups when getting what you want out of it. If you graduate from school, you’ll typically notice that the last thing that is looked at by a prospective employer are your grades. If you get a cushy job as a high-priced litigation attorney, you may notice that your net worth is a mere fraction of that of your peers who learned a trade and spend more of their time at home. If you get in that taxi to the airport yet again after telling your kid for the nth time “that’s just a part of growing up,” you may all of a sudden notice that the same steps you take every day were never your own. This show is for the non-believers in real estate investment, because if there was a better way to live, wouldn’t you at least want to hear about it?

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