Dr. Dotzour Presents on Real Estate & The Economy At Lifestyles Unlimited®

With investments that can and do perform well in both the up and down market, forward economic thinking can do only one thing; make those investments better. But, that thinking doesn’t have to be yours to do alone. Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc. would like to once again welcome Dr. Mark G. Dotzour, Chief Economist and Director of Research at The Texas A&M University Real Estate Center, as he presents about the economy and its direct/indirect relationship to your investments in real estate. What follows will be an introduction to this accomplished macroeconomist, as well as a preview of this annual LU event that you won’t want to miss.

Welcome to Dr. Dotzour’s seasoned view on the economy at large and the field of real estate. Having served in two presidential roles in the RE private sector of Wichita, Kansas (one of which was for his own brokerage firm), Dr. Dotzour has had a chance to survey the development of residential properties in this industry on a large scale and has seen, first hand, the fluctuation of real estate supply and demand within the U.S. economy. Arguably, this snapshot was just a taste that left him yearning for more, as he pursued and obtained a Ph.D. in Finance at The University of Texas at Austin, after which he began his professorship with ten years spent teaching in the department of Real Estate and Finance at Wichita State University. However, despite these already magnificent contributions to these related fields, they were just a prelude to something much, much bigger.

He has held his current role at the Texas A&M Real Estate Center for 18 years. His research has been published in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Businessweek. He’s had a national television appearance on PBS, and he makes “60 to 100 presentations” to a stunning array of audiences about these very topics (and more) every single year. Now, without further ado, it’s time for you to step into Dr. Dotzour’s world as well.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience. For many economists, this surely cannot be said. But, in Dr. Dotzour’s case, his academic knowledge and professional real estate background are certainly matched by his on-stage comedic flair and his delightful repartee with the audience. Regarding the points of his presentation, he will encompass the economy on the local, state, national, and global level. He will also make sure to cover a “hot-button” topic on many Texans’ minds, (dropping oil prices) as part of a larger discussion entitled, “Thriving Under Wartime Conditions.” The five fronts of war noted in this discussion are as follows: America’s military involvement in the Middle East; cyber warfare; the currency war; a war within the energy market; and lastly, a war with our government’s Dodd Frank legislation. As if this were not enough, Dr. Dotzour’s major talking points will be followed by an open Q&A session where you can drive the conversation.

This presentation is highly recommended for all LU investors who either currently hold investments in real estate or are about to make such investments themselves. Additionally, any attendees can be sure to leave their dusty intro-to-economics texts at home, as Dr. Dotzour’s delivery has appealed to only the widest array of spectators time and time again. In closing, it must be stated that we here at Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc. thoroughly appreciate being able to offer such high caliber events to our members because it is here where your LU investor education can be tested, honed, and finally, applied in the best way possible.

 Event Details: Attendance is exclusive to Challenge and Preferred Investor Group Members only. Please pre-register via the Member HUB. The presentation begins at 6:30PM on March 12 at the Lifestyles Unlimited® Houston office. Call 1-866-945-6565 for more details.

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