(June 29, 2020) Choosing Positive Change in Troubling Times

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Del Walmsley shares what he sees happening in the societal breakdown around us. Though we are living in tumultuous times, you can choose to leverage these circumstances and arrange your life into something more functional, positive, and productive. Start working towards your personal goals by building a secondary stream of income through real estate investing.


  1. Melissa O'Gilbert says

    Hi Del,
    This podcast was quite interesting and very thought provoking for me. When you were reading the letter from the police officer, my heart was so sad. I am married to a black man and him and I have had conversations about how black people and police officers are so similar. Cause just like police officer families, families of black men worry about it being the day that they leave the house and someone doesn’t like what they look like and decide to take their life because of it. The only difference is that one can take off the uniform. But both know the same fears and instead of division, there should be unity. Everyone should listen to each other and figure out how to improve and move forward. Now, I think blame on causing that division can be cast in both directions, but none the less, the division does exist and we need people to speak up and stop spreading hate. Also, just like you said, every police officer is not bad. But we need something that holds the bad ones accountable to get them off the streets, just like any criminal.
    Your “Don’t tread on me.” statement finally pieced together some thoughts I’ve been having as well. I have realized lately that when it comes to Liberals and Conservatives, there are a lot of blurred lines. I consider myself to be a social liberal, fiscal conservative. The reason that I am a social liberal is because as a white woman in an interracial marriage, I don’t think it is the job of the government or anyone else to tell me what to do with my body or who to love. And I won’t tell anyone else what to do with their body or relationships. But so many of my conservative friends get on soap boxes about protecting the babies and race and gayness and on and on and on and on. And then we get into covid and all of my conservative friends are talking about “my body, my choice”, “it’s my right to choose to wear a mask”. The same statements made from liberals, just a different topic at hand. So why don’t we get rid of the blurred lines? Why don’t we as a society realize that we all have something that we don’t want to be told what to do on and respect that feeling when you think you should tell someone else what to do?
    Additionally, I agree with you on the Executive orders that the President and Governors have should go away. Our political system was set on a checks and balances philosophy and if we give them power that does not need to be checked, then we are in a world of hurt. Unfortunately though, our laws were written in the 1800s and need a revamp to fit modern situations. Instead, the law makers act like they never went to kindergarten or never learned to get along with people different from them and we are stuck with laws that shouldn’t exist anymore. They are all snakes sneaking in their own agendas on things and ruining perfectly good improvements over something stupid.
    I believe you are a Libra. I am too and the balance of things and seeing both sides of things is more important to us than others, so I understand the tilt of balance causing things to burn out. When you start throwing blame on one side vs the other though, that aids in the tilt. I’ve realized that problems come from both directions, just like good does. Once I realized that, things started balancing back out.
    Thank you for all of your real estate and life wisdom and motivation. I have been a Lifestyles Preferred member for almost 3 years and am invested in 7 single family properties. I have attended the 2 day 3 times online and once in person and finally with the help of some books I’ve read am understanding things our mentor has been telling us for the last 2 years in regards to our equity. Also, my husband and I have been really shy and kept making excuses about not being in Texas keeping me from networking. Covid bringing everything online has finally helped get me out of my shell and a kick to the ego from a mutli-family mentor pointing out that we were just making excuses because lots of people don’t live in Texas got me revved up even more.. My husband and I are setting ourselves up for 2020 to be one of our best years. Thank you and the Lifestyles team for putting together this great group of people that are like minded yet different. Hopefully the Expo will be on for 2021 and our no excuses mentality will continue so we actually make the trip!

    • Lauriana Williams says

      Thank you Melissa! Your feedback has been sent directly to Del to make sure he sees it. We look forward to seeing you at Expo 2021!

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