Real People, Real Results

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Case Study: Adam

Adam has had an incredible all around experience with his first single family home. Get a glimpse of the start of his investing journey and his membership experience so far!

Case Study: Steve

Steve’s transformation with the Lifestyles Unlimited program is nothing short of incredible. The amount of change that has occurred in his life, after just a few short years, could be equated to decades of accomplishment. Let this story be a guiding light to anyone aspiring for a life of financial freedom.

Case Study: Sharon

Watch as Sharon conveys how she changed gears after a drastic hit from the stock market during the Great Recession to achieve a roaring success with multifamily real estate!

Case Study: Shawn & Heather

In marriage, Shawn and Heather formed the perfect team to pursue multifamily real estate investing and to one day become financially free. This is the story of their first multifamily deal together and of a shared dream steadily coming to life.

Case Study: Don

Lifestyles Unlimited was exactly the program Don and his wife were looking for when they began trying to build a stream of income through real estate. Like many others, they found no map forward in other organizations, but here they gained a true proficiency to take single family investing by storm!

Case Study: Kim & Kurt

The wonderful thing about Kim and Kurt’s story is that they started a life beyond that of corporate work and business ownership with Lifestyles Unlimited. They wanted to seize financial control, markedly improve their path to retirement and free up lots of time. In most places around the globe, that’s borderline delusional to steer towards all at once. Here, it’s how the program starts.

Case Study: Elizabeth & Jeff

Here you’ll find Elizabeth and Jeff looking back on their first multifamily project, a deep value add deal that speaks volumes about one’s ability to translate a strong entrepreneurial background into any type of real estate investment, as long as there is the right team in place.

Case Study: William & Gunel

Find out how William and Gunel went from investigating how to start a single family portfolio to becoming leaders in their submarket for their multifamily debut, a 108 unit lead investment project!

Case Study: Zach & Xue

The oil and gas industry has taken this couple clear across the country in search of advancing their lives, but with just one stop in Houston, they found something that could support them no matter where they are. Witness the exciting transition of Zach and Xue’s life from modern day nomads to pioneers of financial freedom.

Case Study: Jamie

Jamie and her wife got the wake up call they needed with Lifestyles Unlimited. In LU, they saw a path to retire themselves and to live the life they had always dreamed of. Not to mention, Jamie realized real estate investing is a breeze with the right tools in place.