Real People, Real Results

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Case Study: Paul & Gwen

When Paul heard the idea of retiring on passive streams of real estate income, let’s just say he had to let the thought simmer for a bit…but soon he and Gwen peeked their heads through our doors to see what the Lifestyles Unlimited® investment model was really capable of, and they’ve never looked back!

Case Study: Amy

Join us in this brief video as we follow the paradigm shift that redefined Amy’s life.

Case Study: Steve & Tanna

Steve and Tanna’s story shows you just how fast you can move from learning to investing in the Lifestyles Unlimited® program while laughing and enjoying yourself all along the way.

Case Study: Keith

Keith is rocking it in his single family investments! At the time of this video, he was just a year in and you would not believe his level of accomplishment! Also, check out where he hopes his investor roadmap leads him one day soon.

Case Study: Eric

Eric’s story has come full circle from his first Case Study in the audience to his first on the stage! Get a glimpse of what he likes most about his investing, the keen move he made on his presentation deal and his perspective about getting started in rental real estate.

Case Study: Corey

Corey saw the signs to get involved in real estate investing in his college years, but didn’t get started until a while later, and as he says, “made every mistake possible.” Now, however, he stands as one of the few people to have entirely blown away our CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, on Case Study night!

Case Study: Adrian

The exciting thing to watch for in Adrian’s story is the change from what he originally intended for Lifestyles Unlimited® to help him with to what he’s pursuing now. It’s a magical thing seeing this type of change come alive, and it’s a big reason why we do what we do!

Case Study: Ken

Ken’s journey to real estate investment is nothing short of incredible. From across the globe, he took a small amount of actionable information and made it into a brighter future for himself and many others at Lifestyles Unlimited®. This is a must-see!

Case Study: Steve & Vicki

Steve and Vicki are a wonderful couple who took a run on their own at real estate investing a while back, but it didn’t take. Fortunately, Lifestyles Unlimited® offered them an avenue to reopen their old idea. Now, even their daughter Amanda is involved, and this family is firing on all cylinders!

Case Study: Joe & Stephanie

Joe and Stephanie’s story is one of courage, perseverance and prosperity. Let their growth be your learning experience with this video!