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CBS 60 Minutes on the 401(k) Fallout

If 60 Minutes said it on CBS during Prime Time television, it must be true. Right? In his very eye-opening and intriguing report, Ira Rosen talks to 401(k) and Wall Street insiders, whom I call “behind the sceners.” Although “sceners” is not a word, you get the picture, and you know what I mean. When … read more

Why Social Security and Medicare Taxes are “Ignorance Taxes”

“..My friends, they created these ignorance taxes, which is a social safety net… for people to fall on when they get old and unable to work, and unable to obtain insurance. They call it Social Security and Medicare. Now why do they not tax real estate investors? Because they realize that if you’re smart enough … read more

How to Use Real Estate Depreciation When Cashing Out an IRA to Offset Taxes

A caller asked what he should do to offset the tax penalty if he withdrew his $100,000 IRA. Del described how to use depreciation to reduce the tax burden as much as possible “What I tell people to do is to pull your IRA money out early in the year… January, February, March… something like … read more

If I Throw You a Lifeline, Will you Take It?

Del tells a fable about a man who wouldn’t accept help as his house floated away in a flood. The man said that he wouldn’t accept help because God would save him. The point of the story is that people need to take personal responsibility for their lives. We have been broadcasting across Texas, with … read more

The Haves vs. The Have Nots – Speculating on Stocks vs. Investing in Real Estate

When you’re buying paper assets and you’re hoping they go up in value… you’re gambling. And I’ll tell you, the odds are not very good right now… because it’s very obvious from the unemployment, the layoffs, the business failures, that GDP is going down. The stock market is a derivative of GDP. It is the … read more

The End of the Era of Over-Financing

Del describes how the real estate market has changed in the new era where over-financing is a thing of the past.

Milton Friedman – Greed

We at Lifestyles Unlimited® believe “you can have everything that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” This is not idealistic, it is a brutally practical principle when you realize that all money comes from other people. If you want more money, you have to help and serve others to … read more