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Testimonial: Dilip Advani

A Houston member of Lifestyles Unlimited® for over three years now, Dilip Advani heard about us on our radio shows and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Owner of 4 single family houses and a seasoned passive investor in the multifamily arena, Dilip did find out what the “fuss” is all about … read more

Testimonial: Dwayne Nicklin

Want to know what it is like to get that very first house? Take a minute or three and listen to Dwayne talk about his first “conquest” in the real estate investment market. Now, a lot of us prefer to invest in deals that don’t require a lot of rehabbing work involved but, apparently, Dwayne … read more

Testimonial: Yogesh Patil

Skepticism is common trait for people who know what the value of a dollar and Yogesh Patil wears his skepticism proudly. Something that we said won him over and we broke through the shell of his apprehension. Two years later, Yogesh is setting a record pace buying investment properties and he doesn’t seem to be … read more

Testimonial: Tommy Cooper

Do you remember Christine Cooper and her husband Tommy? They are back again with another testimonial! Tommy is taking the microphone this time and showing you another deal that helped them escape from the consequences of the market crash of 2008. This is one of the four houses that helped them eliminate over 78k in … read more

Testimonial: Jason Bible

While working on his MBA, Jason Bible had a paradigm shift after reading “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley. He realized that most of the millionaires in America are comprised of people who either own a business or invest in real estate. After realizing that MBAs were not on the “Millionaire Vehicles” list, Jason … read more

Testimonial: Christine & Tommy Cooper

Do you remember where your money was during the market crash of 2008? Christine Cooper and her husband Tommy remember exactly where their money was and just how much of it they lost when their 401Ks failed to protect them. So what were they to do after losing their “shirts”? A decision to take their … read more

Cash Flow From Day 1: The Yield Play

We talk about two major multifamily deal types, the value play and the yield play. The value play is a deal with huge upside value potential due to mismanagement and deferred maintenance.  As a rule it does not cash flow right out of the blocks.  In fact it may take 6 to 12 months before … read more

When Will The Recovery Come?

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC. Del wants everyone to watch this unbelievable video about what kind of deal the Indymac boys got from the FDIC. He will be mentioning it on today’s radio show, so be sure to watch it and tune in or catch the podcast on the radio … read more

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Multi-Family Mentor Chuy Terrazas calls his dad in front of the crowd to recount the story of how he overcame his fear of investing in big real estate deals.