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Case Study: Carole F.

Carole is a talk radio show junkie and she always loved real estate, so you can imagine what happened when she tuned into The Del Walmsley Radio Show! She checked us out and joined! Watch till the end of the video to see the important announcement she has for her roadmap to retirement!

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Case Study: Eric Y.

See the difference in Eric’s results before and after real estate investing education and mentoring!

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Case Study: Brad B.

Brad was intrigued by real estate investing, but not the idea of paying anywhere from $50 to $80k out of pocket for a single family investment. Coming to one of our Case Studies changed everything.

Case Study: Richard

For Richard, investing in real estate was a “long-term dream.” Now, it’s a long-term wealth generator. Learn about his single family property, one of the best deals to come across our Case Study stage.

Case Study: Rui

Find out why Rui says he “had the fortunate experience to go through two different layoffs” while in corporate America.

Case Study: Adam & Debi

This video shows exactly how Lifestyles Unlimited members see more and are able to do more with challenging rental properties.

Case Study: Peter

Peter and his spouse are rapidly moving towards early retirement as professionals in the medical industry, and real estate investing has everything to do with it. Their story serves as a powerful beacon for anybody looking to do the same!

Case Study: Pat

Pat was not happy with the fluctuation of his returns from the stock market. So, he decided to join Lifestyles Unlimited and invest in real estate to provide a steady income in retirement, and a steady income is exactly what he’s getting! Check out his story right here.

Case Study: Chris

The oil and gas downturn sent an overwhelming message to Chris to do something about his financial future. Watch his story right here and see what he did to overcome it.

Case Study: Andrew

Once Andrew had an educational program to latch on to, his real estate investing went from a nagging wish to this rental house and an ambitious goal that easily sets him apart from your average enthusiast. See how Lifestyles Unlimited is helping Andrew go bigger and gain more!