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Testimonials: Matthew Haines

After owning one single-family property for 16 years, Matthew and his wife knew they could do better. So they joined Lifestyles and a year and a half later, they retired.

Testimonial: Susan & Terry Matheny

After discussing how they wanted to start investing in apartment complexes, Susan & Terry listened to the radio show and heard Del discussing that exact topic! They were intrigued, so they joined Lifestyles. Two years later, in 2011, they won the Austin Apartment Association Independent Owners of the Year award!

Testimonial: Tu & Catherine

Tu and Catherine were so captivated by Del that they jumped right into their first property. Now their goal is to roll into Multi-Family and eventually be just like Del!

Testimonial: Cathy Goodrich & Dan Coffee

Introducing Cathy Goodrich and Dan Coffee, two Vice Presidents who can’t wait to retire thanks to real estate investing. Dan got laid off when the job market crashed, but when one door closes, another one opens. Now they’re having fun and making money, and soon they’ll have enough free time to do what they love … read more

Testimonial: Ed & Edna Thompson

Introducing the testimonial contest runner-up power-couple, Ed and Edna Thompson. After trying other “get rich quick” schemes, they realized the truth: they’re all scams! Then they took the next step and turned to Lifestyles…

And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to Steve Zeserman – Winner of the 1st Annual Lifestyles Unlimited® Testimonial Contest Have you ever chased a dream?  Did you work hard to accomplish the goals you set forth before yourself? Did you sacrifice and strive to be the very best you could, doing the thing that you loved the most, only to … read more

2014 Wealth and Passive Income Expo

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The Lifestyles Difference

Our founder, Del Walmsley, has been saying the same thing since 2006. Watch the video to hear his timeless message.

Testimonial: Shelly Hunt-Nichols

Shelly Hunt-Nichols presents her apartment complex JACINTO PALMS. It is one of her oldest acquisitions and it is a work horse of a property! It is constantly providing income and providing between 12 and 15 percent return for all those who invested EVERY YEAR. Shelly is even planning on returning $240,000 this year! This property … read more

Alex & Jeri Lynn Calvo

Alex and Jeri Lynn Calvo are the quintessential husband and wife team. Both Alex and Jeri Lynn work for their living, raise three young children, and invest in real estate! Where do they find the time? Through perseverance and team work the Calvos have jumped into the real estate investing arena. They actually presented TWO … read more