(April 20, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – How Real Estate Solves Real Life Problems

When a severe spinal cord injury left Peter N. unable to work, he realized something had to change for him to survive. Running into Del Walmsley at a bar, he learned how to leverage real estate to solve his real-world problems and they talk today about his road to Financial Freedom, and the lessons and Legacy he’s passing down to his 3 kids.

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(July 31, 2015) Del Dives Into His Inbox

Have you written an email to Del hoping he reads and replies to it? Well if you haven’t make sure to do so, and if you have then listen in because your question might be the one Del answered on the air today! We know you have tons of questions to ask Del; which it is why he has dedicated today’s radio show to just that, your questions!

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(July 30, 2015) The Common Question – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

Common question: Is it still a good time to invest in multi-family in Texas? Well folks, don’t worry because you will soon find out if the market is on fire. JB Durham and Del Walmsley answer this question and more regarding how well multi-family properties are doing all over Texas, so check it out!

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(July 29, 2015) How Real Estate Investing Really Works!

Have you ever felt confused on how you should invest in real estate? Have you been listening to all those self-help gurus out there with contradicting ideas, only to leave you even more confused? Well don’t worry because Del Walmsley is here to set the record straight. Here this podcast if you want to hear the real truth about real estate investing.

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