(July 04, 2016) How To Solve Problems When The Problems Are The Solutions

Join Del on this podcast as he reminisces about an impactful 2-Day experience and as he shows you how the strengthening U.S. dollar will affect the real estate market.

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(July 01, 2016) The Importance of Self-Evaluation

In today’s podcast, Del talks about how Lifestyles Unlimited® members use self-evaluation to determine the best path to success.

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(June 30, 2016) Inspiration vs. Motivation

Del discusses the importance of inspiration through learning the steps to success as opposed to being pushed there through impersonal motivation.

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(June 29, 2016) What It Means To Be An LUI Mentor

The position of LUI Mentor is one of the most important titles at Lifestyles Unlimited®, and it is only offered to those who have spent years cultivating their understanding of our model, our members and actual deals. That said, today’s podcast is all about correcting the many misconceptions that beset this calling by simply showing how it’s done.

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(June 28, 2016) Del’s 3 Rules of Investing

On today’s show, Del shares the 3 most important rules that have successfully guided his real estate investment practices for over 25 years.

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(June 27, 2016) Owned By The Business & The Buyer/Seller Gap

Del Walmsley discusses two important topics on today’s podcast: businesses that own entrepreneurs and the widening gap between buyer’s interests and seller’s offers in today’s market.

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(June 24, 2016) A Sit Down With The First NAA Property of The Year Award Winner In LUI History, Kylie S.

Lifestyles Unlimited® Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, was one of many to proudly see Kylie take the stage for her historical win of the NAA Property of The Year Award. Now, a week later, the two catch up on the road that got her there!

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(June 23, 2016) Pay Off The Mortgage Or Retire – You Decide

On this show, Del Walmsley ties one hand behind his back before tackling Dave Ramsey’s 5-7 yr. plan to pay off the mortgage to prove that life amounts to more than just settling the bills.

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(June 22, 2016) Join Del At The Think Realty Award Ceremony & The Power of Your Point of View

Members and listeners should click this link quickly to secure discounted seats in San Fransisco to see Del Walmsley win Think Realty’s Educator of The Year Award!!! Then, listen in on a discussion about the importance of your perspective when starting to investment.

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(June 20, 2016) Doing The Wrong Thing Better Is Not Doing The Right Thing

In a country that is crazy about efficiency and effectiveness for everything, one man and one company care only about doing the right thing. This is the difference between living a lifestyle and endlessly pursuing one.

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