(November 11, 2015) The Political Experiment

On this show, Del Walmsley reveals a key fact about his life regarding elections, making last night’s political debate a truly intriguing political experiment that could lead to a gripping first time experience for the world at large! All this and more is just a click away!

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(November 09, 2015) 7 Tips For Taking Effective Action Steps

Where one person starts their push towards financial freedom, another can be hampered by dozens of unanswerable questions. Here are 7 tips to help you sort through irrational fears and find higher financial footholds. Taken directly from Del Walmsley’s experiences, these tips will reshape your perspective for what is possible in your life.

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(November 06, 2015) LUI Award Ceremony Recap & Mail Day!

For this show, Del Walmsley touches on the success of some our most ambitious members. Then, he replies to the pressing mail from his dedicated listeners. At the top of the response list is the decline in first-time home owners. Enjoy!

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(November 05, 2015) Advancing Your Investments – Featuring LU Mentor John “Johnny Lama” Ridgway

During this show Del Walmsley and Multi Family Mentor, John Ridgway, discuss the evolution of ownership in multi family investing through the stratification of property classes.

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(November 04, 2015) 7 Reasons The Buy & Hold Model Has Nowhere To Go But Up

On this show, Del Walmsley provides 7 different reasons why rental real estate investment will get bigger and better over the next ten years.

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(November 03, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Born To Fly & Built To Invest” – Featuring LU Member Ryan H.

Ryan has a knack for seeing, believing and fulfilling his visions of the future. In this inspiring Tell Del story, hear about how this driven gentleman was destined for a career in flight from the second the first plane flew over his head. Then, get an in-depth perspective of his natural progression towards an investment vehicle that would never let his feet touch the ground. Plus, see how this savvy investor achieved his investment success all the way from Guam!

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(November 02, 2015) There’s More To Life Than Stuff

Del Walmsley’s put-the-big-rocks-in-first metaphor gets compared to a monologue by none other than George Clooney! Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen “Up In The Air!” Then, he comments on a social security loophole that has just been closed by the federal government.

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(October 30, 2015) Will Multi Family Stand The Test?

With more money flowing into the apartment industry than ever before, Del Walmsley is wondering whether any other investment vehicle can even hold a candle. Dive into research with Del as he makes it his quest to truly see if multi family’s best. Also, take a chance to hear a special offer for membership that expires soon!

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(October 29, 2015) The 30,000 Foot View of Rental Real Estate – Featuring LU Mentor JB “Dr. Data” Durham

On this show Del Walmsley sets up “Dr. Data Durham” with a curve ball that he hits straight out of the park. Del’s question: “what is driving the increase in price for investment real estate (nationally), and is it a solid incentive, or is it just hot air?”

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(October 28, 2015) Risk To Live & Live To Risk

Are you on the cusp of a great decision – a major turn in your life? If so, you are akin to the Founder & CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited®, Del Walmsley. Today, he discusses the challenge he faced to bid for his first class A apartments ever, and as it turns out, it was the best decision he never thought he would make.

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