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(October 22, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: There’s Nothing to Fear

Fear is a feeling all too common in everyone. It has been present in our lives since childhood. Sometimes experiencing fear can be healthy for us and other times it can be detrimental to our well-being. It affects us in many different ways that we are unconsciously unaware about. It has the power to stop us from achieving our goals and living a great life. Del is here to discuss those fears with you and to share how one brave caller overcame his.

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(October 22, 2014) Del Walmsley: Would You Act On Your Knowledge?

Welcome to a large chunk of the country that is truly between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, this group knows no better strategies than to leverage their money as best they can in 401k’s, IRA’s, the stock market, cd’s etc. But, in all of these situations, your money only has high growth and high risk, low growth and low risk, or sometimes, low growth and high risk. On the other hand, these individuals struggle with their unbridled fear of something they cannot define – the “unattainable” low-risk-high-growth sweet spot. So basically, the point Del Walmsley addresses for all of his listeners on today’s podcast is simply this; there are two things many of you likely don’t understand: the fear that holds you back from investing in real estate and how any group of people can have such an impeccable rate of success. So, let LU pose this question to you. If you could attain the answer to both of these questions, would you act on it?

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(October 21, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Del’s Three Rules to Investing in Real Estate Successfully

Check out Del Walmsley explain on the show today how his three rules to investing in real estate successfully came about in the course of 25 years! Del’s countless years of experience investing in real estate has helped him grow into a wiser investor. He’s been sharing that wisdom with not only his Lifestyles members and mentors, but with everyone around him. All that Del has learned over the years comes down to three simple yet effective rules, that anyone interested in investing should follow, if they want to become successful investors. At Lifestyles Unlimited®, everyone has heard Del share his three rules to investing at some point in time; but now is your opportunity as a listener to hear it straight from the man who came up with notorious rules. The one and only Del Walmsley, President and Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® You don’t want to miss this show folks!

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(October 21, 2014) Del Walmsley: Three Rules Every Investor Should Live By

Everyone who has listen to the show in the past has heard Del Walmsley talk about his notorious three rules to successfully invest in real estate. These rules have served all the members and mentors at Lifestyles Unlimited® as a guide to be followed and kept in remembrance. Del himself, through life experiences, formulated these three rules every investor should live by and now is your chance to hear them for yourself! Check it out!

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(October 20, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Special Guest Norm Holcomb Shares His Story

On the show today we have a military veteran from Ohio, Norm Holcomb, calling in to share his story with all the other fanatic LUI radio show listeners about how he came to realize on his own that the path he was following was never going to yield the results he desired. Norm, however, didn’t continue to follow the wrong map, hoping one day it would miraculously change his life all on it’s own, like so many do. Norm did however take matters into his own hands and took action by researching the many avenues that produced passive streams of income, which led him to find Lifestyles Unlimited®. Listen in to hear Norm Holcomb’s full story. It might just be the encouragement you’ve been waiting for to jump-start your real estate investment journey!

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(October 20, 2014) Del Walmsley: Overqualified & Under-prepared

Ever wonder why we can never get enough new Lifestyles Members to walk through our door? It’s not because we love the money. It’s because the more different members we have, the better chance we have at knowing what makes you, you. Each story our members tell about overcoming adversity, whether they went to college or didn’t, had a job or didn’t, or came from this country or didn’t, gives us a better understanding of the world we all face. Well, an article brought up on today’s podcast displays how Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, hopes to solve the income gap crisis in America. In fact, the article spells out “4 ways” to attain opportunity in this country. But, what her years of education and involvement in politics fail to represent are all of the people she intends to help. The reason Lifestyles Unlimited® features new case studies every month is because we know that there are not 4 prescribed ways to become successful in this economy, there are innumerable ways to do so. So, if you were thinking of reading this article about a person who talks about closing the gap, why not instead listen to someone who did it for himself and has continued to do so for every single person looking to follow in his footsteps – Lifestyles Unlimited® Founder & President, Del Walmsley.

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(October 17, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: The Interpretive Movement

Figuring out where you want to be in life and how you picture your future is what Del Walmsley calls the interpretive movement. Interpreting where you need to be financially is an important way to motivate you into finding the right map that will produce the right results for you. Often times, what people foresee as their future doesn’t pan out. Interpreting life in general is quite difficult. For some, it drives them into achieving their goals; and for others, the fear of failure paralyzes them, inhibiting them from straying too far into the unknown and delaying their financial success. Don’t let fear get in your way of attaining the future you desire for yourself. Take your first step to financial freedom. Don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch as how people all around you change their lives, one investment deal at a time. Be proactive and listen to what Del Walmsley has to say!

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(October 16, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: “Real Estate Is Easy, People Are Difficult”

In life there are many barriers that can get in the way of our success. Excelling at a job not only requires you to do a myriad of complex tasks consistently, but it also requires you to fit well in the political framework of the business you work for. Building excess savings for retirement through 401k’s and IRA’s takes exorbitant amounts of time to offer you severely disproportionate returns. The stock market ebbs and flows in such irregular ways that the sharpest broker on Wall Street can make the worst decision with your money while having the best intentions. But, when it comes to making money in real estate investment with Lifestyles Unlimited®, there’s only one barrier in your way – you. In this LU Podcast, Del Walmsley speaks to the hesitance inside us all, to the urge to back out of something before it has begun and to the reality that this realization, if acted upon, is the key to your success.

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(October 15, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Setting The Stage With No Listeners Left Behind

A new beginning has dawned for The Lifestyles Unlimited® Radio Show. Del Walmsley welcomes listeners, both new and old, to The Del Walmsley Radio Show! This is your chance to see the beating heart behind the vibrant blue and yellow chest plate. Today, Del Walmsley paints a delightful picture of how LU came to be and of the triumphs LU has claimed in redefining retirement across the globe. But, that’s not all. Get ready to experience a brilliant kick-off topic for our national debut – a recent painstaking blow to the stock market.

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(October 14, 2014) Del Walmsley: Analyzing The Impact of Student Loan Debt

Today’s LU Podcast highlights a different side of the college conversation that was ignited at the start of the week. In this show, Del Walmsley brings up a series of articles that analyze the economic environment in relation to student loan debt and he provides some analysis of his own. So, be sure to jump right in to hear Del and his callers weigh in on a topic that is getting hotter by the minute! Also, if you happen to be struggling with this high interest debt yourself, tune in to see how real estate investment could help.

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