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(April 29, 2015) Del Walmsley Finds His Doppelganger & A Tremendous Upward Spiral In The RE Market

To start things off, Del Walmsley discovers he has an uncanny resemblance to the writer of an article listing the four top reasons to forego college and pursue a career in real estate. Then, this transitions into a wonderful pairing of these points to Del’s life, which ends with an overall analysis of the real estate market as a whole. So ya…Del pretty much throws everything but the kitchen sink into this podcast. Enjoy!

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(April 29, 2015) College Falls Down On The Job & The Pinnacle of Real Estate Investing Is Now

With a Masters in Business Administration, the last thing you would expect someone to say is “skip the university and start a real estate career.” But, that is exactly what this gentleman drives home throughout an entire article. Following Del Walmsley’s analysis and brief state of shock here, he then turns to frame up the current state of the real estate investing field, and boy what a state it’s in – “more millionaires will be made with real estate over the next ten years than any other time ever in history.” (Del Walmsley)

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(April 28, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Always Learning, Always Improving” – Featuring LU Member Charles H

When Charles came to this country, he knew only 100 words, but he also had something that would carry him through the nuances of an entirely new way of life. He had ingenuity. What you will notice in this telling of Charles’ life is that he never crumbles under adversity. Instead, he rises to meet the obstacles in his life with patience, verve and a yearning for more. We are happy to have his story today and even happier to have him as a successful Lifestyles Unlimited® member.

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(April 28, 2015) Finding Relief From The Rat Race – Featuring LU Member, Charles H

Charles has been a travel agent, an auto salesman, a convenient store owner, a car wash owner etc. In some cases he held two jobs at once. If there is a beating heart of the American dream, it is the vibrant clip of Charles’ movement through corporate life. But, what isn’t so easy to see on the surface is that virtually every one of Charles’ strides toward success was stymied or halted by misfortune. Was this Charles’fault? Not in the slightest, but change had to happen…and happen it did.

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(April 27, 2015) Learning The Hard Way Is Still Learning

As Del Walmsley puts it on this podcast, you can make one of two mistakes when getting into real estate investment; either you pay too much for a property initially or you don’t know how to run it once you’ve got it. Well, for this show a gentleman, who unfortunately took the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar a little too late, has committed both of these errors. So, having reached out to the man with the plan, it is up now up to Del to let the help begin.

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(April 27, 2015) Beware of The Triplex

One of the reasons that the Lifestyles Unlimited® success rate is so high is that before ever investing, we position each member so that they move towards the right kind of real estate investment projects in the first place. So, at this juncture, you may have just become aware that there even are real estate investments with inherent problems. If that’s the case, look before you leap, learn before you buy, and always beware of the Triplex.

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(April 24, 2015) You Can’t Beat The Cycle

On this podcast, Del Walmsley masterfully analyzes the insane growth of the apartment industry over the past 12 months. As part of his analysis, he reveals a cycle of reinforcement for this industry that is music to the ears of any RE investor. So, if you’re looking for the bigger picture, this is the place to get it!

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(April 23, 2015) The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Investing – Featuring Special Guest: JB Durham

All of a sudden your stock falls due to corporate malfeasance, but that’s a story that will be buried or altered 7 ways till Sunday, possibly even as an effort to protect the very shareholders who suffered. Your 401k takes a hit because the private equity firm managing it provided a misleading evaluation of the risk involved with a new investment option. Good luck trying to seek restitution for that. Heck, even the conservative bond market is sometimes described using the word “conundrum.” This. Is. Ridiculous. When investors come to the table, they should get absolutely everything on their plate. We couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

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(April 22, 2015) Born To Lead – Featuring LU Member: Rupa K

What are the characteristics that embody a leader? It could be argued that a leader is someone that has to make tough decisions, which sometimes are based on no experience whatsoever, in order to navigate an entirely new team to a never-before-achieved goal and a better standard of living. If that is indeed the embodiment of a leader, then Rupa K fits the bill perfectly. She was born to lead and fortunately Lifestyles Unlimited® has the perfect investment track for people just like her! On this podcast, find out how she spanned the gap from the IT industry to lead investing at Lifestyles Unlimited®!

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(April 22, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with LU Member, Rupa K: “Tell Del Tuesday” – A Search For Fulfillment

For starters, you are not crazy and you are not witnessing evidence of the first double Tuesday event in human history. Del Walmsley’s weekly interview segment was simply bumped to Wednesday this week and now he is here to introduce you all to Rupa! Rupa is a Dallas member of ours whose exact words were “I never in a million years thought that I would be investing in real estate.” But, now she is…and she’s making a killing doing it! That said, her situation begs the question; then, how did you get involved? Well, it all has to do with her life’s search for fulfillment.

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