(June 23, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Reading The Road Signs For Financial Freedom” – Featuring LU Member, David W

David had much of the same kind of reaction anyone might if they saw their retirement age coming towards them, but saw no clear exit approaching as well – he decided to change up his investment strategy. But, what would he use to do this and who would he turn to for help? It all starts with his decision to keep an old house of his and benefit from its monthly income. The rest is history.

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(June 22, 2015) Keep Retirement Simple

It’s time to cut through the noise. Retirement does not have to be some 8 to 12 point plan. Find real estate, rent it out, and benefit from multiple sources of income. Then, just repeat the process. It’s that simple. Contrast this strategy to that of today’s read about an educator of financial planners whose 8 point plan starts with living into your 70’s…as if this was music to our ears.

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(June 18, 2015) The Power of Fresh Perspectives with LU Mentor, Kim Mclean

As we expand nationally, we have begun taking on more mentors to help reveal the true image of this misunderstood form of investing. This means there are more people to lend a hand when you come on board as a member. It also means fresh perspectives and a revitalization of our best practices. Here to offer his insights is one of our new Multi Family Mentors, Kim McLean, who will walk through a larger discussion with Del Walmsley to wash away your fears and to build upon your knowledge.

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(June 17, 2015) The Number One Reason That Entrepreneurs Fail

“Life is a team sport,” says Del Walmsley in the opening minutes of today’s podcast. On this show, he stresses the importance of relying on others, or at the very least, appreciating the work that others do on your behalf. The reason being is that you are only as good as those who you work with. Forget this and you are putting the pillars of your business in peril.

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(June 16, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Out-of-State Investing” – Featuring LU Member, Phil H

One of the remarkable things about Phil’s path towards membership is that he was absolutely not interested in real estate investing and he was 100’s of miles away from any of our offices when his search for a retirement vehicle began. So, how did this circumstance lead to a successful investment career with Lifestyles Unlimited®? We’ve got all of your answers and more on this week’s Tell Del podcast.

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(June 15, 2015) Success Speaks For Itself

On this Del Walmsley Radio Show podcast, Del challenges the merit of cheap “self-help” phrases, he champions our recent winners from the Houston Apartment Association Award Ceremony, and he decides who is the better between two investors in his article of the day. So, who does he choose and why? That’s all just a click away.

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*Best-of Episode* (June 12, 2015) The Show Must Go On


There are three different scenarios that are likely to play out following a listen to The Del Walmsley Radio Show – you hear what you want, you get what you need or you get a little of both. Either way, you are getting a pure, unadulterated look at the real estate investing world, as well as a pure, unadulterated look at the man driving it all home, Del Walmsley. On this podcast, Del receives a contentious email regarding the merits of the show and its message as a whole. However, in trying to shine a light on its flaws, this person only reveals a deeper, more resilient strength in the man and the radio broadcast that were built to give you the results you deserve.

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(June 11, 2015) A Culture Backed Investment Industry

There is a wild movement happening in America towards apartment living. In fact, it is so strong that individuals across the socioeconomic spectrum want your investment deals before you can even make them available. Furthermore, common factors that traditionally push demand down, such as an increase in apartment properties or rental rates, are having little to no effect on this country-wide surge. So, amidst this incredible activity, Del has both the facts to support new entry into real estate and the victory dance for those who already have. Heck, he even has beneficial legal reforms for you as a cherry on top!

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(June 10, 2015) Retirement Is Not The End, It ‘s The Beginning!

So, Del plops down to rehash an article he read earlier today about the proper way to retire. In this article is a priority list to help individuals retire without boredom, which gives Del a good chuckle. In a surprising plot twist, Del admits that he actually did not hate the list that was written down. Nope, he liked it so much that he shares it right here on the show. So, get out that pen and paper, or that smart pad and stylus to live retirement like the new beginning it really is!

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(June 09, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “From Cut Loose To Cuttin’ Loose” – Featuring LU Member, Michael C

Michael knows exactly what he wants in life once he sees it. So, when what he was looking for butted heads with his VP, he found himself let go after 30 years of employment in his industry. No worries though, he had his investments in the stock market. But just the same as before, this passion would prove to be a let down as well with the 2008 crash. Then, Michael’s friend asked him to help evaluate Lifestyles Unlimited® at a case study. Michael returned to another one and his friend was nowhere to be seen. But, if you’re thinking poor Michael at this point, think again. He’s 17 single family homes and one apartment complex deep into our program, and doing life his way never looked so good.

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