Case Study: Mark & Teri D.

Mark and Teri’s story of lead multi family investing shows a great combination of sticking to the system and of continued growth. With this video, get a glimpse of their road map through the program, their current deals, and where they’re headed next!

Case Study: Michael P.

Michael joined May of this year and he already has one rock star single family deal, a second in rehab, and a third under contract! His plan is to get three new single family properties every 6 months till multi family and the possibilities beyond!

Case Study: Joe & Brandi W.

Brandi took a lot of convincing and Joe was ready from the get go. But, soon they teamed up to pull the trigger on one of the best single family deals in today’s market!

Case Study: Sue & Dan K.

There is only one word to describe Sue & Dan’s entrance into and success in real estate investment: smooth.

Case Study: Eric Y.

Eric’s story highlights the leverage that the right team and the right collection of resources can provide when matched with the right mind at the helm. See how Eric’s investing career went from good to great by tapping into Lifestyles Unlimited®.

Case Study: Martin & Larisa

Martin & Larisa have wonderfully embraced team work to acquire their first single family property! Catch a glimpse of how it’s all going!

Case Study: Jason B.

Jason is great example of how life does not stop with being a business owner. Take a look at his push to rapidly acquire real estate and reach the next level of financial maturity – interdependence!

Case Study: Adrian & Monica

Check out how Adrian and Monica are doing with their first property, and see what they’ve learned in the process. Then, get a glimpse of their plans for the oh-so-near future and what they love most about real estate investment!

Case Study: Brian & Meredith S.

“We sat down with the mentors and the brokers, and we took action,” says Brian with his arm around Meredith, his wife and fellow team member. Forget the world of complicated investments that divide your attention and your returns. Instead, sit down to hear a short story about how this passion in real estate turned into pure profit with the bond of teamwork at its core.

Case Study: Greg & Nicole S.

This out-of-state couple might as well be investing as DFW locals when it comes to the breadth of their success in the area. Greg and Nicole’s story truly shows that something can be out of sight and out of mind, while at the same time being a wonderful investment!