Case Study: Frank K. & Cathy H.

Frank and Cathy started with aspirations to flip properties due to their interest in a show called “Flip or Flop” on HGTV. But, upon meeting us, they soon found out that we don’t wholesale properties or flop for that matter. All the better. They started on the single family path and now they have a special thing they wouldn’t have had on HGTV – cash flow!!!

Case Study: Chuk E.

Chuk’s story exemplifies the best way to approach Lifestyles Unlimited®, and that is to be honest with yourself. Chuk knew he wanted more time to himself and he knew he wanted to keep more of what he made. But, he wasn’t going to move forward until our program made sense to him. Check out the process he took to understanding and ultimately utilizing the Lifestyles Unlimited® investment model.

Case Study: Rui V.

Rui had every reason to be thankful for his job, but he also had every reason to fear it. Now, he is part of a growing wave of Americans who are no longer betting on their occupation to be there when they most need it…and with good reason. Catch a glimpse of the life he’s living now. Dare we say it is a tad bit more independent?

Case Study: Brandon C.

Brandon is a military veteran who wants to create a business in real estate, to be a lead investor, and to start his own property management company. But, wait! There’s a plot twist! He’s still in college! How long will he have to wait to get started with his plans!? Pay no attention to that. This sharp student is earning his degree and building a legacy at the same time…no big.

Case Study: Michael G.

It was Michael who was first to come through our doors, but it was his wife Jenny who had the final say in pulling the trigger. Now, she keeps a close eye on the financials and he is the boots on the ground. Check out how this dynamic duo has done since joining!

Case Study: Ira G.

Ira walked into the Real Estate Investor Club of Houston and they told him to come here. So, we can’t take all the credit of course. But, either way, we were happy as ever to have him join the group and he was happy as ever to learn from us. What’s the result – a multi family apartment complex that is making millions in more ways than just one.

Case Study: Cuong L.

Cuong and his family were interested in real estate investing, they were looking to have some fun in the process, and they needed more flexibility in their work schedule. Normally, these factors might have been hard to meet, but fortunately our program caters to these exact interests. The result was a fulfillment of all three goals and much, much more!

Case Study: Chris J.

What started with a viewing of a Youtube video on a tour in Afghanistan has blossomed into a full blown real estate renting extravaganza for Chris J. This video highlights the powerful connection between our mentors and members here at Lifestyles Unlimited® and heralds the amazing success of a military veteran! Watch as Chris tells you his story and explains his new move into multi family investing.

Case Study: Luai A.

Before joining Lifestyles Unlimited®, Luai had already begun investing in real estate himself. But, the magnitude of his investment strategy was not realized until finding Lifestyles Unlimited®. In this video, Luai will tell you about the tools he gained upon becoming a member and how they’ve change his plan since joining.

Case Study: Ajay S.

Ajay is an honest, straight-forward guy who is looking to give his children the best education possible, which is why he recently started his membership with Lifestyles Unlimited®. But, it is easy to tell when watching this video that Ajay is in this for a little something else as well. Dare we say that this family man is getting in touch with his entrepreneurial side? Find out right here!

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