Case Study: Shawn S.

Shawn is an electrician specializing in photovoltaics and EV charging. When his customer invited him to a Lifestyles Unlimited virtual workshop, he logged in and got hooked! With 3 Single Family houses already under his belt, he’s given himself an annual raise of $15,000 Cash Flow!

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Case Study: Mike & Jen M.

Five years after they started investing in Single Family homes, Mike Retired with Real Estate! Transitioning into Multifamily communities, he joined the Lifestyles Unlimited network of like-minded investors to fast track their family to Financial Freedom and has created INCREDIBLE results!!

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Case Study: Jonathan & Amy K.

When Jonathan and Amy realized that “normal” meant working and saving into their 60’s, they researched where wealthy people and politicians were investing their money and caught onto Real Estate. Capturing over $60,000 Equity in this deal, they will continue buying 1 Single Family house per year while moving into Multifamily deals, aiming to passively invest in 4 apartment communities by the end of 2021! Through the education and mentoring at Lifestyles Unlimited, “We now have options to actually retire while our kids are young.”

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Case Study: Isaac & Carolina M.

Isaac and Carolina were looking for ways to reclaim their time from Corporate America and after finding Lifestyles Unlimited, they have bought 11 Single Family homes since 2016 generating over $4,000 Cash Flow every month, allowing BOTH of them to Retire with Real Estate! As they continue building their portfolio, their long-term goal is to leverage it into a down payment on a Multifamily community as Independent Rental Owners.

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Case Study: Dawud & Coleen

Having been a teacher for 10 years, Coleen wanted to homeschool their three kids, but she and Dawud needed a strategy to retire young and spend time with family. With residential real estate, they are making their dream a reality!

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Case Study: Hind & Aaron W.

Hind & Aaron spent the first part of their initial 13 months as members investing as Passive Investors in Multifamily apartment communities. But, soon they saw an opportunity to get more of their money working for them in Single Family, and the results are staggering. Hind & Aaron’s later success got them featured as breakout session presenters at the 2019 Wealth & Passive Income Expo!

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Case Study: Carole F.

Carole is a talk radio show junkie and she always loved real estate, so you can imagine what happened when she tuned into The Del Walmsley Radio Show! She checked us out and joined! Watch till the end of the video to see the important announcement she has for her roadmap to retirement!

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Case Study: Eric Y.

See the difference in Eric’s results before and after real estate investing education and mentoring!

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Case Study: Brad B.

Brad was intrigued by real estate investing, but not the idea of paying anywhere from $50 to $80k out of pocket for a single family investment. Coming to one of our Case Studies changed everything.

Case Study: Richard

For Richard, investing in real estate was a “long-term dream.” Now, it’s a long-term wealth generator. Learn about his single family property, one of the best deals to come across our Case Study stage.