Federal Housing Administration Extends Anti-Flipping Waiver

So now they like us! Time changes everything! In June of 2006 The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) had imposed a rule barring loans on homes sold after less than 90 days. Although FHA does not lend money to home buyers, it insures lenders against loan defaults. Borrowers who receive loans insured by FHA pay the … read more

Fear Factor Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) My paralysis was real, or at least it felt real. Fear is an emotion, and the source of an emotion is complicated and challenging to identify. Logically, I knew if I was going to productively deal with my fear, I needed to do my best to isolate where it was coming … read more

You Must Start Now!

When people find out I’m a real estate professional, they always ask the same question. “How’s business?” The question comes in many forms but the core question is still the same. Everyone wants to know how current market conditions are going to impact their lives. Unemployment and real estate seem to be the two barometers … read more

Governmental Meddling: Good and Bad

Just a few years ago, the government was pushing hard for home ownership. They were doing anything they could to get people in homes. That is the American dream right? Everyone deserves a home and everyone should have one. Well, at least that is what the government thought. So they set out to make it … read more

How to do Tenant Screenings as a Landlord

In my article “Steps to a Successful Deal,” one of the most over looked points is tenant screening. Yet this is one of the most important parts of the successful deal. Why does this happen? I believe when inexperienced and beginner investors go out, find a house, evaluate a house, get the financing and get … read more

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

In a takeoff of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, let’s take a look at the Highly Effective Real Estate Investor and the things they do that differentiate them from the rest.

Investing in Real Estate – Passive Income and Financial Freedom in 8 Steps | David Fantin

The New Year is a great time to implement improvements in your life. Follow these eight simple steps to make and keep a New Year’s resolution to have passive income through real estate investing. Step 1: Make up your mind to have passive income NOW! Do you feel enough pain about your financial situation? (Life … read more

Fear Factor Part 1

If you knew me, you would wonder why I had any reservations at all about buying my first investment property. As Del Walmsley describes it, I’m what he calls a “Type A” personality who tends to shoot before aiming. If I happen to miss the target, the attitude I adopt is: “Oh well, I’ll probably … read more

P.O.O.R. or R.I.C.H. – The Choice is Yours

A Realtor/mentor here at Lifestyles Realty, Bill Edwards, brought two acronyms to my attention today. I love them and wanted to share them with you along with some thoughts about why they ring true for me as both an individual and a mentor.

Real Estate Investing in 2011 | Why Real Estate Predictions Don’t Matter

Now is the time to invest in real estate. Now remember, I’m not a speculator. I am not trying to predict the future nor do I invest on the “buy low, sell high” method. I buy for cash flow and get the appreciation as the icing on the cake. Right now prices are so low … read more