Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Begins With One House *Updated*

Wealth building through real estate investments begins with one house at a time. Often, when you hear people talk about real estate investing they are talking big numbers. You hear about the millions to be made in the market, especially now when everyone is buying. You hear stories about the people who own 50 or … read more

Taking Real Estate Investor Values To The Political Stage

Let’s talk politics. You may be cringing at the thought, but if you are an avid real estate investor you should know that industry leaders and participants make their way down to the Texas State Capitol every other year to do this very thing. In fact, to say that they merely talk politics would be … read more

The Birth of Lifestyles Quest & A Digital Age of Investing

When starting a new company, it is helpful to think of its inception much in the same way as the beginning of a book. The reason being is that all of its best ideas and achievements will not flow out at once, but instead through a series of key moments along the way. So, in … read more

The 2015 Texas Apartment Association Independent Owner of The Year

If you think about it, an award for the real estate investor of the year is not just a recognition of the hard work of one dedicated individual, but a recognition of one’s investment in the community. The Texas Apartment Association Bob Ross Independent Owner of The Year Award is such a merit. But, no … read more

Texas A&M Multi Family Road Trip

It generally doesn’t take long before a motivated Lifestyles Unlimited® investor leaves the office to apply his/her knowledge to single family and multi family deals. It is this direct applicability of our educational tools that makes us a perfect case study for graduate students of the Texas A&M Master of Real Estate Program. As such, we were invited…

A Support For Life

At only 24 years old, Courtney VanCronkhite suffered a fatal cardiac arrest as the result of a rare genetic condition known as Long QT Syndrome. If an automated external defibrillator (AED) had been available, Courtney might be with us today. In the wake of this devastating loss, Courtney’s identical twin sister, Kindel VanCronkhite, began her crusade…

The Message Remains

Our annual visit from Dr. Mark G. Dotzour may be concluded but his message remains; “I would not be here if I did not believe in real estate as an investment.” This message, as well as the entirety of his presentation, did not fall on deaf ears. He delivered his speech to more than 180 like-minded investors, mentors and third-party practitioners of the professional real estate investing field (with hundreds more spectators tuning in via Lifestyles Unlimited®’s streaming webcast). In a short time of no more than two hours, Dr. Dotzour masterfully hardwired the holistic economic landscape to the mind of any RE investor…

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Dr. Dotzour Presents on Real Estate & The Economy At Lifestyles Unlimited®

With investments that can and do perform well in both the up and down market, forward economic thinking can do only one thing; make those investments better. But, that thinking doesn’t have to be yours to do alone. Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc. would like to once again welcome Dr. Mark G. Dotzour, Chief Economist and Director … read more

Del Walmsley’s Three Rules of Investing

It Almost Makes Too Much Sense Del Walmsley, the founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® has taught and lived by three fundamental rules in his real estate investing career. These rules make so much sense, you might not see them at first… because smart people have a hard time letting go of belief systems that took … read more

9 Affordable Vacation Properties

Purchasing a vacation property is much different than purchasing an income property. For starters, vacation properties have off-seasons and therefore should never be purchased as primary investment properties. There will be periods of time where your vacation home isn’t making money and that’s a tough truth for most investors, who are used to a steady … read more