How to Protest Your Property Taxes and Win

It’s 8:15am on a Tuesday morning and you couldn’t be more irritable. You woke up earlier this morning 30 minutes late to the tune of Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and it’s still stuck in your head. You loathe “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. There was no time to eat and your dog ran out the door. … read more

Welcome from Founder Del Walmsley

Welcome to Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc.! Let me start by congratulating you. Whether this is your first step toward financial freedom or a supplement to an existing and successful program, I am very excited to have the opportunity to assist you in the fulfillment of your goals. Your decision to join us has placed you in … read more

The Case for Real Estate Investing as The Best Vehicle for Financial Freedom

Here is a chapter from the soon-to-be published book ‘Financially Free’, written by Damon Janis. Select Your Vehicle Determine the Vehicle that will Carry You to Financial Freedom While there are several vehicles that can be used to achieve financial freedom, real estate is right there at the top of the list. The reasons why … read more

Del Walmsley’s Three Rules of Investing

It Almost Makes Too Much Sense Del Walmsley, the founder of Lifestyles Unlimited® has taught and lived by three fundamental rules in his real estate investing career. These rules make so much sense you might not see them at first… because smart people have a hard time letting go of logic systems that took them … read more

Austin vs. San Antonio for Single Family Real Estate Investing

I work with prospective real estate investors from both San Antonio and Austin on a daily basis who want to know how our “bread and butter” model fits their specific market. Two Very Different Markets It’s important for people to realize how different these two markets are so they can position their resources in the … read more

When "Edutainment" Is Informative and Hilarious, Don’t Miss Truth

Columbia University Professor David Buckner Passes Out Live On Fox During Glenn Beck’s Show…But Why Did He Faint? Now you may say I am reading too much into this incident. I will grant you that liberty. However, if you will, indulge me this moment to elaborate amid all of the bad information dissimulated via the … read more

An Oxymoronic Education

When I started my path to what I thought was a career, I took the traditional route. I earned good grades in high school. I went to college. I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Business. Since earning my degree, I’ve often wondered if they call it a BS because it’s a bunch of … read more

Chunking – A Simple Way to Build Wealth and Become Financially Free

My Mentor Del Walmsley, Founder and CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. (a 28-year-old real estate education and mentoring company), teaches a simple way to build wealth and pay all your month bills with the cash flow from single family and multifamily real estate investments. He calls it chunking…

Lifestyles Unlimited® is Now on Facebook!

We are pleased to announce the official Lifestyles Unlimited® Facebook page. Some of you may already be members to another Facebook page that was created in the past. This page has been hacked and taken over by someone in Bangladesh, so kindly ditch that page and please join the official page!

How to Make an Offer on Single Family Investment Real Estate

Making an offer when investing in single family real estate is a very simple process, but emotions, competition, and logic systems based on the wrong map make it complicated. Del Walmsley once said, “real estate is easy, people are hard.” He’s right. As mentors, we spend most of our time scraping away all the gunk … read more