Is This A Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?

There is a lot of talk still in the news today about the ailing housing market and the continuing rise of foreclosures both here in Texas and across the country. Unemployment is up, the housing market is down, the future is uncertain, we’re mired in a global recession; the news continues to get worse. So … read more

70 Leasing and Management Tips For Single-Family Investment Property

Leasing residential real estate is like any other business. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If done correctly, it can be easy and profitable. If done incorrectly, it can be your worst nightmare. Listed below are the answers to some commonly asked questions when getting started in the leasing … read more

The Experts Show with Chris X has Moved to Noon!

Don’t forget, the Experts Show with Chris X has moved to Noon, Weekdays on CNN 650-AM. Click on the radio tab to watch, listen & chat with the experts live.

No Excuses! – Why Doing the Little Things Makes a Huge Difference

Let’s say your goal is to retire yourself in five years and earn $8,000 per month in passive income… …Can you go from no passive income to $8,000/month overnight? Crazy, right? But do you believe you could generate $1,000 /month within one year? I believe you can and you should believe it as well. The … read more

Understanding How Credit Reporting Works

Credit is much more complicated than keeping a tally at the local grocery. As a credit-active consumer, you need to know how credit reporting works and what your credit report contains. Credit You are most likely already familiar with the concept of “credit,” the reputation for paying your bills on time that makes it possible … read more

How to Execute a Single-Family Property Rehab Investment

When I was first asked to write this article about property rehab investments, I was suddenly overwhelmed. Here I was a college educated business owner, bragging about my degree in construction, several years of real estate experience, and hundreds of rehab projects- nervous of simply writing an article on those exact items. The truth is, … read more

Investing in Property ‘As Is’

A Reprint from the article “As Is” from Tierra Grande, a publication of The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University April 2009 publication. By Judon Fambrough Texas real estate practitioners frequently asks whether residential property may be sold legally “as is.” Knowing the correct answer helps brokers and sellers avoid legal woes. Both the … read more

A Cure for First-house-itis

By Bill Edwards As a Realtor at Lifestyles Unlimited®, I continually see signs of a sometimes paralyzing affliction I call firsthouseitis. Those afflicted exhibit symptoms such as poring over MLS listings for days or even weeks, and analyzing every foreclosed property in the six-county area surrounding Houston. Firsthouseits The most blatant symptom, however, is the … read more

Dibs!: Understanding Right of First Refusal

A Reprint from the July 2009 edition of Tierra Grande, a publication of The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University July 2009 Publication By Judon Fambrough “When you get ready to sell, give me a call.” Ever heard that from a potential buyer? If the buyer is serious, he or she should be asking, … read more

How to Cultivate a Team of 20 Agents To Locate Real Estate Deals

Even though good deals occur everyday, you might have a hard time getting your hands on one if you don’t keep two important points in mind. First, you must be actively pursuing them at all times. Second, you must be able to qualify the prospect properties quickly and accurately or your time will be wasted … read more