Understanding Single-Family Home Property Values

I recently attended a party with some of my wife’s new friends with whom I had never previously met. Almost every time this happens … no each and every time this happens at any social gathering, the wives disappear to a separate room to have what I’m told is “real conversation” as opposed to the … read more

Investing in Property ‘As Is’

A Reprint from the article “As Is” from Tierra Grande, a publication of The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University April 2009 publication. By Judon Fambrough Texas real estate practitioners frequently asks whether residential property may be sold legally “as is.” Knowing the correct answer helps brokers and sellers avoid legal woes. Both the … read more

A Cure for First-house-itis

By Bill Edwards As a Realtor at Lifestyles Unlimited®, I continually see signs of a sometimes paralyzing affliction I call firsthouseitis. Those afflicted exhibit symptoms such as poring over MLS listings for days or even weeks, and analyzing every foreclosed property in the six-county area surrounding Houston. Firsthouseits The most blatant symptom, however, is the … read more

Dibs!: Understanding Right of First Refusal

A Reprint from the July 2009 edition of Tierra Grande, a publication of The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University July 2009 Publication By Judon Fambrough “When you get ready to sell, give me a call.” Ever heard that from a potential buyer? If the buyer is serious, he or she should be asking, … read more

Principles of Basic Property Negotiation

What is Negotiation? There isn’t a quality business that is just about its product or service. It’s real value is how that product or service can improve upon the lives of the people who use it. But even a business with a product that can immensely enrich its customer’s lives cannot survive unless it communicates … read more

How to Make an Offer on Single Family Investment Real Estate

Making an offer when investing in single family real estate is a very simple process, but emotions, competition, and logic systems based on the wrong map make it complicated. Del Walmsley once said, “real estate is easy, people are hard.” He’s right. As mentors, we spend most of our time scraping away all the gunk … read more