Case Study: Carlos & Amy



  1. Dena Wheeler says

    I appreciate your case studies but they do not represent where I am.
    I have 1200.00 investment money. We own our house worth about 400K.
    I want to sell and move into a duplex and rent the other side.

    I have just registered for a Real Estate agent class because someone on a podcast suggested to do that as I have no experience in real estate and have no real funds to invest…..

    What do you think?

    • LUI Web Team says

      Hello Dena,

      Thanks for starting this dialogue with us. We’d be thrilled to touch on the points you brought up.

      So, yes, we all start at different points in our investing, but it seems like you have some great options to work with.

      First of all, keep saving your money towards these goals! Even investors who are further along than you are saving and then reinvesting their returns to grow their income-producing assets.

      Now, about the house, we recommend getting in touch with Member Services about that. Your idea is sound, but there’s always a lot to consider before making your first real estate investment.

      Okay, so becoming a realtor is not necessary to become a real estate investor. However, an education certainly is, and becoming a realtor is not an appropriate substitute for that education. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money, add way more work, and experience a lot of heartache. Put simply, you are interested in becoming a landlord, moreover, a real estate business owner. Realty is a separate, but related field. So, it’s not designed to help in this regard.

      So, we recommend back peddling from the realtor idea unless you like that pursuit for other reasons. For example, we remember an earlier correspondence where you said you were looking for something more lucrative for your earned income. Perhaps this could help.

      In conclusion, considering all the points you brought up, we think it would be in your best interest to take our 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar if you haven’t already. Your nephew, who you stated was already a member, can vouch for how important this class is to your foundation as an investor.

      Let’s make sure you take a step into investing, but let’s make sure it is the right step.

      Please call 1-866-945-6565 and ask to speak with someone from our Member Services department who can help you hone this vision of yours. We will send a follow-up email that you can respond to as well.

      Happy learning & happy investing,
      LUI Web Team

  2. Yes we love the straight forward Mr Del Walamsley, Thank You, I need help getting back into the Real Estate investment Business, What is the best way to approach this business, PLEASE and Thank You, GOD BLESS You, Candy And Gary Golay

    • LUI Web Team says

      Hello Gary,

      Thanks for reaching out! We’ve sent you a message at the email address you provided to get a dialogue going. Have a great day!

      LUI Web Team

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