(December 1, 2020) Build a Million Dollar Portfolio, 1 House at a Time!

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Lawrence E. tells Al Gordon how he stumbled into real estate investing during a moment in his life where he needed professional guidance, resources, and the confidence to continue; and opens up about the deeper life lessons he’s learned along the way. 


  1. Hi, My name is Dulce. I was wondering on the internet looking for real state knowledge and i found this radio. So far i have like it. I want to star investing in real State but i dont know nothig about real state or have money. I am working to save money and achive my Goals. But i dont know how to star. I have a beautiful daughter and i want to give her the best. Like they say is not about the money is about the life style. I want to help my parents and other people.

    • Lauriana Williams says

      Hi Dulce, we’re glad you found us! Our online free workshop is a great place to start, but give us a call at 866-945-6565!

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