Del Walmsley’s Three Rules of Investing

It Almost Makes Too Much Sense Del Walmsley, the founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® has taught and lived by three fundamental rules in his real estate investing career. These rules make so much sense, you might not see them at first… because smart people have a hard time letting go of belief systems that took … read more

Building Wealth Through Real estate Investing Begins With One House

Wealth building through real estate investments begins with one house at a time. Often, when you hear people talk about real estate investing they are talking big numbers. You hear about the millions to be made in the market, especially now when everything is on sale. You hear stories about the people who own 50 … read more

Lean into Real Estate Investing

In the March 2011 edition of success magazine a short article written by Mel Robbins – a syndicated radio host, TV Commentator and relationship expert – stopped me in my tracks. The article is titled “Lean IN” and is worth the price of the magazine. It begins with the story of a man whose life … read more

Federal Housing Administration Extends Anti-Flipping Waiver

So now they like us! Time changes everything! In June of 2006 The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) had imposed a rule barring loans on homes sold after less than 90 days. Although FHA does not lend money to home buyers, it insures lenders against loan defaults. Borrowers who receive loans insured by FHA pay the … read more

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

In a takeoff of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, let’s take a look at the Highly Effective Real Estate Investor and the things they do that differentiate them from the rest.