Chunking – A Simple Way to Build Wealth and Become Financially Free

My Mentor Del Walmsley, Founder and CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. (a 28-year-old real estate education and mentoring company), teaches a simple way to build wealth and pay all your month bills with the cash flow from single family and multifamily real estate investments. He calls it chunking…

How to Use Real Estate Depreciation When Cashing Out an IRA to Offset Taxes

A caller asked what he should do to offset the tax penalty if he withdrew his $100,000 IRA. Del described how to use depreciation to reduce the tax burden as much as possible “What I tell people to do is to pull your IRA money out early in the year… January, February, March… something like … read more

Forbes: 9 of the Top 20 Best Cities for Job Growth are in Texas

from the article: “…The top of the complete ranking–which, for ease, we have broken down into the two smaller lists, of the best big and small cities for jobs–is dominated by one state: Texas. The Lone Star State may have lost a powerful advocate in Washington, but it’s home to a remarkable eight of the … read more

Poll: Do you Prefer Capitalism or Socialism?

Rasmussen recently asked Americans whether they preferred capitalism or socialism… and the results may surprise you… …but before you check out those results, we want to know if Lifestyles Unlimited® readers have a different take than the average person. Please vote in the poll below: Read the Rasmussen findings here.

Lifestyles Unlimited® is Now on Facebook!

We are pleased to announce the official Lifestyles Unlimited® Facebook page. Some of you may already be members to another Facebook page that was created in the past. This page has been hacked and taken over by someone in Bangladesh, so kindly ditch that page and please join the official page!

How to Make an Offer on Single Family Investment Real Estate

Making an offer when investing in single family real estate is a very simple process, but emotions, competition, and logic systems based on the wrong map make it complicated. Del Walmsley once said, “real estate is easy, people are hard.” He’s right. As mentors, we spend most of our time scraping away all the gunk … read more

If I Throw You a Lifeline, Will you Take It?

Del tells a fable about a man who wouldn’t accept help as his house floated away in a flood. The man said that he wouldn’t accept help because God would save him. The point of the story is that people need to take personal responsibility for their lives. We have been broadcasting across Texas, with … read more

Lifestyles’ Own Karen Davis Featured in The Houston Chronicle

Karen Davis, a mentor and investor in the Houston branch of Lifestyles Unlimited® was featured this weekend in the Houston Chronicle. The article highlighted the real estate investments that she is making with her boyfriend. Karen and her boyfriend just closed on their sixth investment property, a three-bedroom foreclosure in Richmond which will capture $40,000 … read more

The Haves vs. The Have Nots – Speculating on Stocks vs. Investing in Real Estate

When you’re buying paper assets and you’re hoping they go up in value… you’re gambling. And I’ll tell you, the odds are not very good right now… because it’s very obvious from the unemployment, the layoffs, the business failures, that GDP is going down. The stock market is a derivative of GDP. It is the … read more

The End of the Era of Over-Financing

Del describes how the real estate market has changed in the new era where over-financing is a thing of the past.