Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Investing

Do’s DO treat investing like a business. Adequate insurance, bookkeeping and liability protection are a must. DO stick with deals that have a 15% return on investment or higher. DO stick with homes priced in the low median price range. DO start with 3-2-2 single family homes. DO specialize in properties in one part of … read more

Principles of Basic Property Negotiation

What is Negotiation? There isn’t a quality business that is just about its product or service. It’s real value is how that product or service can improve upon the lives of the people who use it. But even a business with a product that can immensely enrich its customer’s lives cannot survive unless it communicates … read more

Austin: Best Job Market in U.S. – DFW: Most Undervalued Real Estate

Two major articles were published today further emphasizing the fact that Texas is where you want to be placing your money. The Austin-American Statesman reported that Austin Leads U.S. in Big-City Job Growth. Real estate values are heavily influenced by the job market. The Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas Homes are Among Most Undervalued … read more

The Timeless Principles of Wealth

An Excerpt from the Lifestyles Unlimited® Real Estate Investor Manual Whether you look at the immense world of our solar system or the microscopic world of atoms you will find certain principles always hold true. In fact, the entire physical world as we know it is controlled by these irrefutable principles. Even though we can’t … read more

How to Protest Your Property Taxes and Win

It’s 8:15am on a Tuesday morning and you couldn’t be more irritable. You woke up earlier this morning 30 minutes late to the tune of Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and it’s still stuck in your head. You loathe “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. There was no time to eat and your dog ran out the door. … read more

Real Estate Developer Pushes Forward in Katy Despite Economy

PRESS RELEASE Thursday, May 21, 2009 New Home Construction Revived in Morton Ranch (Houston) A local consortium of developers, builders and suppliers is re-awakening new home construction in Katy’s popular Morton Ranch Section-3 this Summer with a series of houses designed to offer custom features, heightened efficiencies, and enhanced equity. Wallace Bajjali Development Partners, U-Build-It, … read more

Austin Ranked No. 2 on List of Cities Where Americans are Relocating

In the face of the recession, people are moving to places with jobs and a low cost of living. That means Texas. Big employers and low unemployment pushed Austin’s population up 3.77% in 2008 to almost 1.7 million. Read the whole article at MSN here.

Central Texas Foreclosures Up Big From Last Year

According to the Addison-based Foreclosure Listing Service Inc., which tracks foreclosures in urban counties across the state, San Antonio and Austin are seeing a 40% and 52% increase in foreclosures for the first half of 2009 as compared to 2008. Read the articles here: The Austin Business Journal: Foreclosure postings up 52% in first half … read more

DFW Foreclosures Jump 31% from Last Year

The number of Dallas-Fort Worth area homes scheduled for foreclosure next month jumped by almost a third from a year ago. But foreclosure filings inched down a bit from the record highs recorded last month. Article printed in the Dallas Morning News. Read it here.

Welcome from Founder Del Walmsley

Welcome to Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc.! Let me start by congratulating you. Whether this is your first step toward financial freedom or a supplement to an existing and successful program, I am very excited to have the opportunity to assist you in the fulfillment of your goals. Your decision to join us has placed you in … read more