Case Study: Alex Calvo

When Alex Calvo approached his 3rd piece of real estate, it seemed that this next installment in his investment career was not going to come without jumping some hurdles. This next property of his would come with a high price tag, the need of an expensive appraisal process in order to refinance, and the potential … read more

Lynn Andris & Matthew Haines: Case Studies & What We Learn From Them

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Case Study: Doug & Tanya Mitchell

Picture walking into a house that contains only one greeting, a stifling pungent smell that permeates the entire household. But, that’s not all. Appliances are completely missing in some areas, carpets are stained to the point of ruin and the back fence won’t even stand to cover the state of disarray. Now picture making 600 … read more

Testimonial: Frank Daniel

Are you one of those persons that knows their is money to be made investing in real estate, but don’t know how or where to get started? Well, for Frank Daniel that was his case, but that didn’t stop him from investing in real estate with every other investor out there. If you think taking … read more

Case Study: The Carrascos

When 700 billion dollars went out of Medicare, Tony Corrasco’s commission rate suffered a 70% reduction. With his wife Mary and four children depending on him, decisions would have to be made quickly, but also effectively. So, Tony turned to Real Estate Investing with small hopes of making big returns. Is it cliche to say … read more

Case Study: Manish Singh

Manish Singh had previous investing experience before joining Lifestyles, only it wasn’t in real estate. His experience came from investing in the stock market and everybody knows how rapidly your fortune can change. After some bad investments, he decided to look for a more predictable way to invest his money. He then was introduced to … read more

Case Study: The Englehardts

Faith, family, integrity & respect- those are the principles that the Englehardts live by. What started as tenets to guide their lives, soon became the pillars of a family company. But, would that company succeed? That is where Lifestyles Unlimited® joined in to help out. With the mixing of like minds and similar principles, we … read more

Case Study: Mathew Love

Are you looking for ways to make extra money? Would you like to have more free time on your hands to spend with your family, hobbies, or to travel? Is your 9 to 5 job taking its toll on you and you just can’t seem to get out of it? If you answered yes to … read more

Case Study: Dwayne Nicklin # 2

Dwayne Nicklin clearly has a knack for real estate investment. He closed two property deals of his in the same day, he found renters to fill up both single family homes within 48 hours of each other, and he rehabilitated his two homes completely hands free! What Dwayne’s story highlights is how personalized the Lifestyles … read more

2014 September CTX Case Study Invitation

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