2014 November Case Study Video Invite

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2014 November Case Study Video Invitation – Streaming

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2014 November Case Study Invite CTX

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Dave Fisher: Discussing Real Estate Investment As A Vehicle For Achieving Your Financial Freedom

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Lynn Andris: Taking Control of Your Life & Regaining A Sense of Security

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Lynn Andris: Taking Action To Create or Increase Passive Income From Real Estate Investment

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Dave Fisher: Fisher Family Retirement Plans

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2013 October CTX Case Study Invitation

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Case Study: Brian Buhr

Sometimes the beneficial aspects of investing in real estate do the talking themselves. But, it only works if there is someone there to listen. Meet Brian Buhr, a man who was originally geared up to invest in the stock market, at least that was the case until he found out what he would be missing … read more

Case Study: Mark & Teri Daronch

What if the Lifestyles Unlimited® Investment Model were to be put to the test like never before? What if a member’s property was hit by a hurricane or their real estate business was challenged by an economic downturn? Or, better yet, what if both of those traumatic experiences were to unfold on the same members? … read more