2014 November Case Study Invite CTX

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Dave Fisher: Discussing Real Estate Investment As A Vehicle For Achieving Your Financial Freedom

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Lynn Andris: Taking Control of Your Life & Regaining A Sense of Security

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Lynn Andris: Taking Action To Create or Increase Passive Income From Real Estate Investment

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Dave Fisher: Fisher Family Retirement Plans

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2013 October CTX Case Study Invitation

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Case Study: Brian Buhr

Sometimes the beneficial aspects of investing in real estate do the talking themselves. But, it only works if there is someone there to listen. Meet Brian Buhr, a man who was originally geared up to invest in the stock market, at least that was the case until he found out what he would be missing … read more

Case Study: Mark & Teri Daronch

What if the Lifestyles Unlimited® Investment Model were to be put to the test like never before? What if a member’s property was hit by a hurricane or their real estate business was challenged by an economic downturn? Or, better yet, what if both of those traumatic experiences were to unfold on the same members? … read more

Case Study: Alex Calvo

When Alex Calvo approached his 3rd piece of real estate, it seemed that this next installment in his investment career was not going to come without jumping some hurdles. This next property of his would come with a high price tag, the need of an expensive appraisal process in order to refinance, and the potential … read more

Lynn Andris & Matthew Haines: Case Studies & What We Learn From Them

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