Austin Ranked No. 2 on List of Cities Where Americans are Relocating

In the face of the recession, people are moving to places with jobs and a low cost of living. That means Texas. Big employers and low unemployment pushed Austin’s population up 3.77% in 2008 to almost 1.7 million.

Read the whole article at MSN here.


  1. Natalie Pilkinton says

    Wow! Austin 2nd… Dallas 5th… San Antonio 6th… Houston 7th…

    If you have a house on the market now those calls are flooding in from foreign area codes due to the nubmer of people relocating here.

    I rented one of my homes that just came on the market to a guy from Illionois.

    Real Estate is one sale.
    People are moving here sucking up what little inventory we have left after damage from Ike and the foreclosures have shrank whatever little rental inventory there was.

    So why arent you buying? What piece of puzzle are you missing? I want to help…

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