(May 29, 2020) How Al Gordon Changed His Financial Mindset

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“I found myself in fort ‘living room’ trying to figure out how I was going to sustain myself” says Al explaining the experience transitioning from the pay of an active, highly decorated Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army to living off his Army pension in retirement. Tune in to hear his full story and how he changed his financial mindset to achieve a better retirement for himself.


  1. Bob O'Dwyer says

    Hi Al
    I like your shows. Your sincerity shines thru. I choked up when you choked up on your Memorial Day tribute show. Say can you dive in to the distinct advantages and drawbacks to use a VA loan vs conventional loan. 2xs I tried VA Loan and the process was so long and tedious I went with the conventional loan instead. Any details to use a VA loan effectively vs other financing options? Bob O’Dwyer, Navy Hospital Corpsman “72 to “76

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