And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to Steve Zeserman – Winner of the 1st Annual Lifestyles Unlimited® Testimonial Contest

Have you ever chased a dream?  Did you work hard to accomplish the goals you set forth before yourself? Did you sacrifice and strive to be the very best you could, doing the thing that you loved the most, only to find it unable to take you to the places you thought it would?

Steve Zeserman grew up working to be a concert bassist and he achieved his goal! He was the principle bass player in the Charleston Symphony and is currently playing  bass with the San Antonio Symphony.  When not playing concerts, Steve works at the University of Texas in San Antonio teaching the next generating of bass players.  He made it!  His dreams came true!

A problem arose after his dreams were realized though, how does a concert bass player and teacher become financially independent? The symphony only pays so much and we all know how far a teacher’s salary will take you. What is a man to do?

Take a look at Steve’s video.  Watch how one house and one tenant can earn as much as two jobs can in one year.  Listen to how Steve learned to start making sure that every note he played in the future was for himself and not a paycheck.

Congratulations Steve, for being the winner of the 1st annual Lifestyles Unlimited® Testimonial contest, and thank you for being an example of how to take back our dreams with the security of financial independence.

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  1. Jonathan says

    An inspiring message, thank you.

    I’ve had done wholesaling and flipping properties, but I still find it difficult to become financially independent because I got no job.
    Is there anything else I can improve or do here?
    I really need help, thank you.

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