10 Reasons Why you Must Work for Yourself

Home-based real estate investors make their schedules work for them—not the other way around

1. Make your work schedule work for you – Working for someone else means one thing: your time at work is NOT your own. You have to meet deadlines and do things that don’t contribute to your ultimate success, but the success of the larger company and their bottom line. Just think: how many of those 40-hours a week at the office do you really spend complaining about your job? Stewing about a decision your boss made? Taking a long-hopefully unnoticed lunch just to save your sanity? Texting during a boring business meeting? Surfing Facebook during a conference call? Hating that you spend the majority of your day in an office and not with your family? That’s called wasted time, and it’s your time! When you work for yourself, for example, as a real estate investor with a home business, you’d be surprised how productive you can be when you’re hard at work for 20 hours a week—compared to when you’re half productive for 40 hours a week working for someone else.

2. You can let your freak flag fly – Or in other words, you can feel free to be yourself, no “corporate face” or “corporate monkey suit” necessary. Folks who run home-based businesses can wear the same sweatpants to work whether they’re subcontracting a renovation or booking time to go see a new property. The point is that you suddenly have the freedom to be yourself—meditate every hour, attend a Thai Chi class, dance with your cat to get your creative juices flowing about a new kitchen layout. ..but don’t dare try any of these at your company office or you’ll be ostracized, or worse, fired.

3. You can work from absolutely anywhere – How cool is that? Home-based real estate investors can spend the morning hours returning work calls or booking appointments such as house tours, meetings with contractors or home inspections all from the comfort of their kitchen table with a steaming pot of coffee and a plate of waffles. And if they’re out and about in the afternoon; they can simply pop into a coffee shop and do research on the areas homes from their laptop while having a quick bite to eat. It doesn’t matter if you spend the later afternoon commuting on a bus, train, plane or subways (both the chain restaurant and the thing that takes you from place to place). The point is that you’re not constrained to a physical office space, in a physical corporate building, in a physical city or state. You can be a real estate investor from anywhere, anytime as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

4. You can work at doing what you love – And the “love” can be the actual job—for example, if you run a real estate business from home—or it might be that your job allows you to do the flexibility to enjoy the hobbies, people, charity work, health pursuits or money that you love in your off time (keep in mind that many real estate investors get a start renovating houses as a hobby). Regardless, home-based businesses allow you to pursue what you’re passionate about.

5. You can live all funky-like – Meaning that if you do your best work at night, you can start the blueprints for a project renovation at midnight and work into the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe you prefer a split shift, working for 2-hours at a time (and going surfing in between) until you get your work all finished. Regardless, you’re blessed with the ability to live unconventionally. When you work for yourself you’re not bound by typical constraints and this gives you the freedom to live a funky lifestyle. Think about what kind of working situation makes you the happiest and most productive—and go for it!

6. You will save a lot of money to do the things you love – Unlike large companies who spend, spend, spend; you can keep your overhead low. For example, many real estate investors who are just starting out do most of the work themselves rather than hiring labor—such as mudding and taping, laying flooring and painting the homes they own. That’s why we hear about so many successful real estate investment companies that went from $200 in savings and working out of their basement, to making a billion dollars in just a few years. Work from home and have extra money to pay down the mortgage on your property investment, pursue a new hobby that you’ve always dreamed of, or pay for your kids’ education.

7. Live wherever you want – This is kind of the same as working where you want, but many entrepreneurs take this a step further and live where their heart takes them as well. Has your wife always wanted to live in Thailand? Do you think it would be a great cultural experience for your kids to learn Spanish? Well, it’s cheaper to start a business in Thailand or Costa Rica—especially if you’re getting paid USD or Euros. Think of the house you could buy!

8. It’s in your best interest to be healthy – We’ve all heard the doctor say, “Working in an office for 8 hours day at a desk is unhealthy!” In the cubicle corporate world you get bad lighting, uncomfortable chairs, uninspiring wall colors, stress and very little exercise (unless you take the stairs once a day). However, you can make time for exercise, a daily walk, set your own eating schedule and just spend more time feeling and looking good. It’s really a win-win for you and your home-based business because if you feel and look good, you’re confident, more productive and more energetic in your personal and work life.

9. You’re challenged to be creative – Chances are, when you’ve work for someone else in the past, you’ve coasted a bit, flown under the radar and maybe promised yourself that this job was just a temporary stepping-stone. Sound familiar? When you work for the big boss (you) you can’t fly under the radar, you’re forced to stay on top of things and maybe even improvise. This not only adds challenge, excitement and a solid purpose to your work life, it also renders great satisfaction and boosts self-confidence.

10. You can spend more time with those you care about – This might be your kids, your partner or spouse, your larger family, your pet or your friends. Working for yourself gives you the freedom to schedule your workday around your life’s priorities and to focus on what’s truly important.

Have our ‘10 Reasons Why You Must Work for Yourself’ convinced you to start your own home-based business? Discover more about becoming a real estate investor today!

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